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Chawel Review

“I was pleasantly surprised by this unique and innovative product. I would encourage anyone with even a minimally active lifestyle to get a Chawel and throw it in their car.”
“I wish I had this in New Zealand because there were plenty of times I could have used it.”
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The Chawel – More Than Just a Towel
by Adelina

“I’ve taken the Chawel with me swimming at the public pool, to the beach, and on trips to both Kelowna and Seattle. I love how well it dries me off and is really quick to dry itself. It’s also really soft on the skin. It comes with a carrying bag making it easy to keep it all together in your bag or to carry on its own.” Read More

5-in-1 Adventure towel
by Explorers Home

“Well, we tested a lot of the claims out! The scenario – Said beach in the introduction. The water was absolutely freezing and we are not convinced that I have any balls left (or, if I do, they’re somewhere near my pancreas). But the towel worked! And it worked very well in fact, as you would kind of expect… It felt weird, due to the double skin, it didn’t so much as rub your skin dry but slip over it and wick the water away – a weird one. But, dry none-the-less.”

Minus Sunblock, the Chawel Is the Only Accessory You Need to Take to the Beach
by Gregg Alston

“Overall, I LOVE the Chawel, so much so I’m going to have to find a way to steal the one I had back, or to purchase another.” Read More

Glamourous Traveller
by Liyana

“The multiple functionality is by far the best selling point of the Chawel. I was glad I brought it when I realized the boat pillows were extremely hard and high, and I couldn’t lie down and sleep comfortably afterwards. I just rolled up my Chawel and tucked it under my head for a soft rest.” Read More

The Gear Nuts
by Alex Flamm

“We’ve been testing out the Chawel for a few months now and we’re pretty stoked on it. If you’re a cyclist, runner, or adventure racer the Chawel is a “must have”. It takes the awkwardness out of changing in public.”

Chawel Sport LX Review
by Shannon Thomas

“At first glance, you may think “oh it’s just a towel, how much to it could there be?” I thought the same thing when I first received it but I had no idea how useful this item came in handy on my recent 5 day stand up paddle trip. This towel has multiple uses such as a blanket, sleeping bag liner, towel, changing room, and a pillow! Read More

By Shannon Thomas

3. Chawel Towel

This is a new product I’ve been using and love it! It’s a large dry towel that always comes in handy with water sports when needing to dry off but this product also doubles as a changing room, sleeping bag liner, blanket, and a pillow. I even use the carry bag it comes in as a pillow when I stuff my extra clothes in it.

Deep love for CHAWEL!
by Where’s the finish?
The Chawel makes for a nice, compact travel blanket, too. As we learned in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a towel “is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.” If Douglas Adams were still around today, he might amend his choice to the Chawel.

Cha Cha Cha CHAWEL!
by Solana Leigh

“My Chawel lives in my car. It’s made of an anti-bacterial fabric, so that I can leave it in my trunk, and use it over and over again without worrying about it getting icky.
The other cool thing about my Chawel? Well, it’s been to the US, Mexico, Amsterdam, and Africa!” Read More