What is Chawel / How does it work?

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What sizes does the Chawel come in?

All adult Chawels are  91cm x 147cm (36″x58″) & kids size are 55cm X 76cm (22″x30″

What is the difference between the different Chawels? Compare Here

The Sport is made of quick-dry polyester making it lighter and easier to pack than cotton towels, and half the size of the Hybrid model.

The Hybrid is a full polyester combination of absorbent quick dry (like the Sport) on the front, and the back side is a warm micro fleece.

Basic VS. HD series – The HD series has armholes, absorbent hood and side pocket. The Basic series only has a head hole and fully open at the other end.

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What colours are available?

The Sport Basic  is available in blue and the Hybrid Basic is available in Teal.

The Sport HD comes in Navy, Teal & Dark Forest green & Hybrid HD is in Teal.

Where can I buy a Chawel?

Orders can be placed through our online shop, or on the retailers page for the full list of retailers.

What material is the Chawel made of?

The Traveller is made from light cotton terry towel with a warm microfleece.

The Sport models are double sided quick-dry polyester.

The Hybrid models are 100% polyester combination of micro-fleece and quick dry.

How do I wash my Chawel?

Wash in cold water with regular detergent. Avoid bleach and heavy detergents. Hang to dry.

Don’t use bleach, dryer sheets or fabric softener. Rewash if you use a dryer sheet or fabric softener.

Can I Screen Print on Chawels?

Keep in mind when designing your print that screen printing will block the moisture absorption reducing the fabric’s effectiveness as a towel. If you want to screen print, use water-based inks if possible and print only small areas and open space.

We screen print on the Chawel carry bag, showing that it can be done. We can also do special orders starting at minimums of 100 pieces, as set up charges are the most expensive part of the printing process.

If you have your own printer with screens already made, that would be your best money saving option.

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How much does shipping cost?

We ship orders via Canada Post & USPS. Pricing may vary on distance from the west coast and quantity ordered.

When will I receive my order?

We ship from the west coast of Canada & US. Shipping from coast to coast  across Canada usually takes about 7 days, 3 days in the US and about 10-15 days for International. You will receive an email with tracking information when your order has shipped.

I haven’t received my order yet. What’s up?

Did you receive our email confirmation along with tracking info saying your order was shipped? Please keep us updated on the status, and contact us at info@chawel.ca or through the contact page with a phone # where we can reach you.

Will I be charged with customs, tax, or import duties?

Customs does what customs wants. We have no control over what import duties and/or taxes might be. They are charged once the parcel reaches the country of delivery. Checking with your local customs office for policies and import duties and taxes. Please let us know if you do get charged any duties or taxes so we may inform future orders.

Question not answered here?  Email us at info@chawel.ca