Chawel HD navy sport towel
navy chawel quick dry travel towel
Sport HD poncho

The lightest changing poncho available.

The quick drying Sport HD has an absorbent hood and absorbent hidden zipper pocket.

Chawels multifunctional uses include: towel, changing room, neck/travel pillow, blanket, sleeping bag, and more. 

Includes an absorbent stuff sack, which can also be used as mini towel, or toiletry bag when traveling.


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kids beach poncho travel towel florida
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Jr. Sport kids poncho

Gift your kids the independence of drying off and changing clothes all on their own with this hooded poncho.

Designed for kids ages 4 – 9 years old, the Jr. Sport has fully closed sides below the armholes to keep kids fully covered and warm while they’re drying off and changing.

This kids quick dry towel has 2 ultra soft and absorbent sides made of 100% polyester allowing it to pack down to the size of a can of pop (5″x 3.5″x 3.5″)

If extra warmth is what you’re looking for, the Jr. Hybrid HD has warm microfleece on the back.

Also available online at: Altitude Sports

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