Size: 91cm x 147cm | 400g

Colours: Green Chawel towel

The Sport Basic is a simple version, with out any hood or pocket or armhole features. Like all of our Chawel towels, the Sport Basic is super absorbent,multifunctional and dries faster than a regular towel, without needing to be washed as frequent. Because our Chawels are double sided, the Sport Basic has 2 sides for drying off. Thats like 2 towels in 1.

  • Weight: 400g
  • Size: 91cm x 147cm
  • 100% fast drying & ultra soft polyester
  • 4x the towel surface than most other travel towels


Green Chawel towel

Towel: The Sport Basic is all towel, both sides. It packs small and dries faster.

Neck pillow:The Sport Basic is also a neck pillow when rolled properly, and secured with the elastic.

Sleeping bag/liner & Blanket: choose the Sport Basic for warmer weather locations as a light weight sleep sheet or hostel sheet. Also use it as an extra layer in your sleeping bag, or a Sleep mat cover when camping.

Changing Room: works the same as all Chawels do.

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