Chawel: More than just a Towel


Maybe you’re backpacking around Southeast Asia or beach and hostel hopping around Australia. Perhaps you’re feeling the mountain or lakeside air on your face at your favourite wild camping spot. Wherever you are and whatever your reason is for being there, one thing is essential. Namely, that as well as the right survival essentials you need to rely on day to day, you have the ability to wash and dry yourself with ease courtesy of a fast drying, ultra-functional travel towel.


Ultra-Portability & Second to none Versatility


While you might have heard it all before, the Chawel really is the next evolutionary step in travel towel versatility. Whether you are at the gym or planning a GAP year backpacking experience, the Chawel combines functionality, first-class moisture absorbency and quick-drying, with an ultra-soft feel and ultra-portability.


Whether you’re traveling long distance or just between home and the running track, the Chawel Sport towels huge 24 sq. ft. of towel surface provides the body coverage you need to dry off and change comfortably in any exercise or travel context. However, the key benefit of the Chawel lies with the towels easy functionalility, designed for traveling, camping, surfing and many more adventurers. Not only can you dry off with Chawel, but you can also use your Chawel as a light weight sleeping bag, or liner. Or if you’re flying, roll it up into a a neck pillow for a comfortable sleep. Also, the Chawel can be used as a personal changing room for those moments when you’re in public but need a quick change. The list goes on for what Chawel can do for you.


Chawel come in it’s own travel bag helping to pack down to a compact size. We guarantee the Chawel will become your next must have personal travel accessory.


Helping you plan Better for Every Eventuality


Are you about to embark on a camping or long distance travel trip? If so, don’t settle for less than the fast drying, multifunctional Chawel towel. Order today, and let the Chawel revolutionize your next travel experience.